40 new touristic destinations to be identified: Minister for Tourism Lamsal

The government of Gandaki State is to identify new 40 touristic destinations to attract domestic as well as foreign tourists in the state .
The state government decided to scout new touristic spots with an objective to make the internal visit year a success.

State minister for industry, tourism, forest and environment Bikash Lamsal shared that feasibility study was going to be conducted to identify new touristic places in the state.

Speaking to journalists at Damauli in Tanahu today, minister Lamsal said, “The government has aimed to designate different destinations in each districts in Gandaki province.”

He viewed that identification of new destinations would support the federal government’s Visit Year 2020 a success that aims to attract at least 2 million tourists to Nepal.

The minister also pledged to allocate adequate budget for the under-constructed Gurung Museum at Byas Municipality-3 in the district.