State assembly meeting of Gandaki state, obstructed due to protest of main opposition party, resumed after the address by Chief Minister, Prithvi Subba Gurung.The Nepali Congress obstructed meeting on Sunday, saying the government did not respond to the issues raised by NC lawmakers in the first meeting of this session that began from May 29. The Speaker put off the meeting for 20 minutes after NC lawmakers stood from their respective seats in protest, demanding answer from the state government.

Responding to queries raised by lawmakers of the opposition party, Chief Minister Gurung said that the issues raised by the main opposition party would always be respected. He said that the government had no intention to take decisions keeping the state assembly members away, adding that Agricultural Village Programme, One Constituent Area, One Road programme have been launched on the recommendation of state assembly members.

The Chief Minister said that employees were replaced and transferred on the basis of seniority, knowledge, skill and capacity, saying the state government was ready to correct if mistake takes place while carrying out activities.Today’s meeting also passed State Assembly Regulations-2074 amendment draft after holding discussion on it.