Waling municipality here has launched the Prime Minister Employment Programme in order to develop smart municipality. Municipality mayor, Dilip Pratap Khand, informed that construction of Chhaprak-Siddhababa trekking route at ward no 2 of the municipality was the first priority under the programme.

Once the project gets accomplished with the contribution from the locals helps them take ownership of the development activities, he said, adding that it further ensures effectiveness and sustainability. “We’re committed to building smart Waling. For it, people in the concerned villages need to be active in development activities. Unless you are active, development does not gain pace,” he reiterated.

Waling municipality had received a total of 2.3 million budget under the PM Employment Programme, said chief administrative officer, Guru Datta Subedi. The unemployed youths enlisted under the Programme at employment service centre would be involved in the development activities.

Section coordinator of the PM Employment Programme at Waling municipality, Saraswati Lamichhane, informed that small scale income generating projects would be launched for it and the campaign was launched at Chhaprak based on the priority.

A total of 1,782 youths from all 14 wards of the municipality had filled the form for jobs in the last two months. The project was launched by forming a committee on the enlisted workers.

The 400 meter Chhaprak-Siddhababa trekking route will be stone paved.