Guinness World Record keeping Nepalese media phenomenon Rabi Lamichhane, who is presently touring down underneath with his Sidha Kura Janata Sanga crew, has passionately spoken in favour of Nepalese students who he claims are “bound” to enter pretend marriages due to the fact of deplorable circumstance and lack of possibilities in their personal country.

The controversial journalist claims it is the failure of Nepal as a state that pressured these younger men and female to hotel to fake marriages as a potential to securing Australian visa.

Mr Lamichhane, whose aggressive reporting fashion has increased him to a level of recognition no other Nepalese media man or woman had ever achieved before, says he is here to “follow up” on issues his television programme had blanketed until now as properly as to maintain interaction programmes on the grievances of Nepalese expatriates and college students dwelling in Australia.

In a quantity of Facebook Live appearances since he touched down in Sydney closing Thursday, the News24 anchor had promised his fans to broadcast stay from Australia creating big expectations amongst individuals of the diaspora as Mr Lamichhane is recognized for his ability to appeal to and motivate “victims” to come forward and open up live.

One of many issues affecting the younger Nepalese neighborhood in Australia is the “industry” of fake marriages. Students inn to faux marriages as a means of securing Australian visa, it is frequently reported. As they quit up “marrying” anyone they had never had any relationship with, both parties in these bogus matrimonies end up suffering serious financial, criminal and psychological challenges, Mr Lamichhane laments in a current video of his live broadcast from Canberra.